How can I tell if water/sewer service is available to my property?
ONWASA water and sewer mains are located either within public street right-of-ways or within public utility easements that run through private property or along private streets. Properties that have frontage along these locations and where water and/or sewer mains already exist have direct access and can apply for a new service connection. If the main is located in a private street or the new service line must cross private property, additional easement(s) may be necessary to cover your new water or sewer service up to and including the meter or first sewer cleanout. For additional information or to find out if water or sewer is available to your property, please call the Technical Operations Supervisor at (910) 937-7526. Information on fees associated with new service may be found on the latest Rate and Fee Schedule under the Customer link above or by contacting Customer Service at (910) 455-0722.

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4. How can I tell if water/sewer service is available to my property?
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