Board of Directors

ONWASA’s policy board is known as the Board of Directors.  Fulfilling the legislative arm of the water utility, the Board of Directors set the overall direction for the organization.  The Board approves the local water utility ordinance for the area served by the Authority.  This water utility ordinance, in conjunction with state and federal laws, provides necessary regulations to protect both public health and the environment.

In addition, the Board of Directors considers and approves the annual budget of the organization as well as long range strategic and capital plans.

ONWASA’s Board of Directors are appointed to three year terms by most of the local governments in the service area.  The Board is composed of eight members whose regular meetings are held bimonthly at Jacksonville City Hall, 815 New Bridge Street, Jacksonville, NC.

Current members of the ONWASA Board include:

Mr. Royce Bennett, Chairman

Mr. Paul Conner, Vice-Chairman

Ms. Pat Turner, Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Jerry Bittner

Mr. Timothy Foster

Mr. Richard Grant

Mr. Robert Warden

Mr. Jeff Wenzel

ONWASA is committed to transparency and provides access to the following information to members of the public: